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31 March 2016

21 Ways to Wear a Statement Necklace

Statement necklaces have been around for a while, and it doesn’t look like they are going anywhere soon. That’s great news because they are a classic accessory that can solve almost any wardrobe crisis you might have. They are kind of like the superhero of accessories and once you have your first one you’ll find it almost impossible to resist the temptation to add to the collection. More…

black outfit statement necklace henriette botha

All black is so easy and versatile, a statement necklace stops it from looking dull. (Henriette Botha necklaces available at


1 March 2016

The Unusual Story Behind ONEOFEACH

Mother and Daughter duo Tamburai and Pauline Chirume are the creative and business forces behind ONEOFEACH, a handbag designer whose business is about more than just the beautiful products they produce. Developing Africa through fashion is their bold goal and they have the plans, products and drive to pull it off. This is the story of their start-up business and how they are making a mark on Western Fashion. More…

Each bag is an individual combining each leather and fabric combination only once.

Each bag is an individual combining each leather and fabric combination only once. Traditional Malian embroidery is also now being worked into the line.


10 November 2015

What’s With All The Beads?

If you’ve ever been to Africa or even seen pictures of an African safari holiday then you will have seen fabulous eye-catching African beading. No matter where you go in Africa east, west or south beading is everywhere. The life-sized beaded elephant at the Johannesburg airport advertising the local drink, Amarula is just the start. You’ll see Masai women in huge neck collars and armfuls of bracelets, leather armbands and belts sown with traditional beaded patterns and every type of beaded animal you can imagine being sold on the side of the road. The fascination and love of beading is widespread across Africa. Spend time there and you are bound to be infected, and take at least one beaded something home in your hand luggage. More…

Collane Di Betta pieces and the ladies who bead them in the Nairobi workshop. Henriette Botha beaded collar.

Collane Di Betta pieces and the ladies who bead them in the Nairobi workshop. Henriette Botha beaded collar.


15 October 2015

Le Collane di Betta – Why Leave Your Art at Home?

With an Italian design background and a family of jewellers something amazing was always going to happen when Elisabetta Capolino got the chance to live in Africa. That something amazing was Collane Di Betta the jewellery design company she founded that creates statement pieces that are more art than jewellery – wearable art.   More…

11 September 2015

African Print: A Modern Tradition

Think of an African city and you think smells, sounds, a crush of people and colour. Lots of colour. Those bright patterns you associate with African dress are more than just a fashion trend – they tell a story, carry traditional meanings and convey history.

Increasingly modern designers are working these African prints into some very contemporary clothing and accessories. While it might not be mainstream in Australia yet, it is definitely worth knowing about if you love colour and design.

Below are 5 of the amazing designers currently using traditional African print fabrics in their designs. Read more…

Doreen Mashika African Fabric

100% Cotton African print dresses and handbags from Doreen Mashika

27 August 2015

6 Reasons Why You Should Love PICHULIK – A Very Unusual Jewellery Designer

There’s a movement happening in Africa – creative young people returning from overseas, intent on bringing modern versions of traditional crafts to the western market. PICHULIK, one of the more unusual South African jewellery designers, is one of these companies and has been getting some serious attention with their statement accessories. So here are six reasons why you should get to know this multi award-winning design brand. Read more…

Pichulik Blog 1

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