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Bold Life: Make a Statement

Bold Life Adrienne Traill

Who is Bold Life?

Hi, my name is Adrienne Traill. I’ve always loved to travel, you could say it’s my passion, but when I first visited Africa in 2007 I knew I’d found a place that sang to my soul. Five years later, I took a huge leap of faith, quit my finance job and moved to Africa.

I’ve always loved to collect local artisanal jewellery and accessories when I travel (they’re easy to carry), so with time to fill in Africa I started to look at the the local crafts and the communities making them. With a bit of work I found a network of amazing designers who feel as passionately as I do about sustaining local crafts, empowering communities and living a life true to your values. So Bold Life was born with the aim of making a statement about life, design and empowerment. After all, life’s too short to be boring.

Why Bold Life?

Life’s short, live bold. The world is full of talented local artisans making beautiful products, the problem is that often they are very hard to find, not easily worn or used in western life, and almost impossible to purchase unless you are on the spot with a handful of local currency. Bold Life’s goal is to help bring these crafts to a western market in products that are modern and wearable to help ensure sustainable employment for local African communities in their traditional art forms.

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