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Le Collane di Betta – Why Leave Your Art at Home?

With an Italian design background and a family of jewellers something amazing was always going to happen when Elisabetta Capolino got the chance to live in Africa. That something amazing was Collane Di Betta the jewellery design company she founded that creates statement pieces that are more art than jewellery – wearable art.

15 years later and Elisabetta is still following her passion. Her pieces are shown across Europe and Africa and her striking designs featured in runway events and fashion magazines such as Elle, Harpers Bazaar, Vogue and Marie Claire. These bold and unique pieces are now available in Australia and here are 5 reasons why you should love them.

1. Wearable Art

Le Collane Di Betta wearable art

Striking and bold Le Collane Di Betta pieces make a statement

Why leave your art hanging on a wall at home when you can take it out with you? A Collane Di Betta piece is not just a necklace or bracelet, it is most definitely wearable art, or art in motion as the logo says. Each range is very different from the next and you can almost hear the creative process that must have been going on in the design phase.

Some ranges have obvious influences – like the ocean for the Anemone range and the Masai culture for the Ra pieces. Others are more obscure like the beautiful recycled glass and metal pieces. But whatever the influence, each item is a striking piece of modern art that deserves to be worn and shown off.

2. They are Truly Versatile

Le Collane Di Betta wearable art

Three necklaces worn three different ways

Elisabetta’s pieces are designed to be worn and loved everyday, and look just as striking with a t-shirt and pair of jeans as they do with a evening dress or with a crisp white work shirt. Perhaps it’s the architectural background that makes the pieces so flexible – Elisabetta is trained as an architect. After all architects are trained to have an appreciation of shape, form and space with the ultimately overlay of usability.

3. Never Go Out of Style

Each of the Collane Di Betta ranges is completely unique. So unusual that they are the kind of pieces that won’t be subject to the shifting trends of fashion. The pieces are sturdy too. Perhaps that’s Elisabetta’s architectural training at work, they are constructed to last. They feel solid and practical, and look timeless.

4. Life’s Too Short to Wear Boring Jewellery

Le Collane Di Betta wearable art

Sculpture that you can wear and enjoy

One of the most striking things about Collane di Betta pieces is that they do not look like other jewellery, the work really is wearable art. Elisabetta happily combines both new and recycled materials from Africa and Europe – whatever works best for the piece.

Many of her pieces combine beautiful European glass beads and locally sourced recycled brass or aluminium. A great example of this is the highly unusual Ra necklace with leather and beads from Europe, brass from Kenya and the construction all done in her Nairobi workshop. Other pieces are 100% African sourced, like her beautiful glass and metal necklaces with recycled glass beads from nearby Ghana and metals sourced in Kenya. Again construction is done locally in Nairobi by her team of skilled artisan-craftsmen.

 5. A Garment in its Own Right

Le Collane Di Betta wearable art

Bold shapes, colours and textures make an outfit on their own

A Collane Di Betta piece is a bold statement and designed to stand as a garment in its own right. With strong lines, bold shapes and colours and an architectural construction these pieces work best on understated outfits, and actually make an outfit when worn with clean lines. The ultimate in simple dressing when nothing in your wardrobe inspires – a simple outfit and fabulous piece of art jewellery.


Perhaps the final word on these amazing pieces should go to the designer herself. When asked ‘What is jewellery to you?’ her response was “Jewellery is a precious wearable object that has the power of communicating who you are to the people surrounding you.” And that pretty much says it all.

A select range of Le Collane Di Betta is available at


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