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OneOfEach: African Inspired Accessories

OneOfEach African inspired accessories African inspired accessories

One of Each: Developing Africa through fashion

Mother and Daughter duo Tamburai and Pauline Chirume are the creative and business forces behind ONEOFEACH. Inspired by the colour, shapes, sizes, art and meaning of the African patterned fabric they use, they create unique African inspired accessories each with their own identity and story.

ONEOFEACH celebrates a love of ethnic African prints, combining them with leather and all natural fibres to create accessories that are pieces of art. Pauline and Tamburai aim to transform the mindsets towards African inspired accessories through their luxurious and functional clutches that are both creative and incorporate African culture and heritage.

The bright, bold, ethnic prints are are made using traditional methods like wax printing and pit-and-stone dyeing processes and are sourced from all over Africa. Originally these fabrics were customised and designed to reflect local African tradition, culture and symbolisms and many of the designs on the fabrics depict events, proverbs, persons of importance or local flora and fauna.

ONEOFEACH buys their fabrics from the source, ensuring they are genuine, encouraging local fabric traditions, and helping with wealth distribution by creating a pathway into the western market. Sustainability and conserving the Earth and natural resources are strong values and mostly off-cut materials are used when making the items.

ONEOFEACH believes an individual is drawn to an item for a reason, and make only one item in each style. The result is a constantly evolving range of bold, bright African inspired accessories that incorporate the passion of Africa into a modern functional fashion item.

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