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Pichulik: Unique Fashion Accessories

Pichulik unique fashion accessories  pichulik unique fashion accessories



PICHULIK is a team of brave women – Joyce, Elita, Sarah and Melissa, who are inspired by making unique fashion accessories for other brave women. Lead by the creative vision of Katherine-Mary Pichulik they believe that a woman has an intimate relationship with jewellery – it speaks of her travels, her mother or grandmother and the people she has loved. It is all these things that combine to draw us to particular piece or item at a particular time in our lives. Their unique fashion accessories tell a story of time and place, and many are inspired by female empowerment symbols.

PICHULIK believe that if their brand was a person she would have a wicked sense of humour and a strong yet inspired presence. Kind, wise eyes that speak of many journeys through exotic lands. She would smell the way jasmine smells at the end of winter – promising spring and warm days.

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